11 April 2022

Survey on the promotion and protection of EU quality schemes on the Internet – AGROSMARTglobal

1 March 2022

EU GIs stakeholders express their concerns on the upcoming GI policy reform

10 November 2021

GI reform: the sectors unite against the weakening of the GI system

16 September 2021

MOVING’s Steering Committee: first year’s progress

30 November 2020

Strengthening Geographical Indications

21 September 2020

MOVING project has officially begun!

21 November 2019

AREPO draws attention to the importance of re-establishing the parliamentary intergroup on wines, spirits and quality foodstuffs

12 July 2019

Worldwide Symposium on Geographical Indications

9 July 2019

AGROSMARTglobal has been approved!